Monday, June 10, 2013

Piano's Klee Museum and Basel

Renzo Piano's Zentrum Paul Klee

Interior Zentrum Paul Klee

Richard Serra Piece in downtown Basel

Herzog & de Meuron's Basel City Center

Under the Basel City Center

Neighborhood of Basel

We visited the Paul Klee museum in Bern, on our way to Basel for the weekend. The design of the place was really fantastic, light and organic yet somehow highly technical and precise. The detailing of structural connections and elements is really well thought-out, and the whole space breathes with an ease and lightness I personally didn't expect based on the exterior. The way the form blends into the landscape is really well done, it doesn't feel forced or unnatural.

We spent the evening exploring Basel, and got lucky in stumbling on to the new Herzog & de Meuron project near the old part of the city, which is just about to be completed. The facade, as always with their projects, was stunning. Basel is a really great city. Lots of energy, plentiful infrastructure, and a really dense core that's a lot of fun to wander through.

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