Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monday - Scarpa's Cemetery & Palladian Vicenzia

On our way back from Padova, we made a detour to Carlo Scarpa's Brion cemetery. It was the most significant piece of architectural work I've personally experienced. It's hard to describe the poignancy of the place until you've been there and felt it. Again, the importance of detail and craft play a major role in its beauty. It felt amazing to sit in that space and draw it. Easily my best moment of the trip thusfar.

Next was a quick lunch/tour around Vicenzia to get a feel for Andrea Palladio's work. His buildings are all over the city, and his most famous, The Villa Rotunda, is just outside the city on a hill overlooking the countryside. It was interesting to note the difference in style between his works in the city and his works in the countryside. Both resonate with a boldness and elegance that is purely Palladio. His understandings of form, proportion, and hierarchy are impressive, especially for the time he was working in.

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