Thursday, June 6, 2013

In Zurich the lunch lady doesn't like how inefficient you are.

Zurich. The drive to Zurich was through some of the most beautiful scenery I have experienced. Every other bend in the road looked like a postcard. Zurich itself was, more or less, everything I had been told to expect. It was clean, expensive, and a had palpable feeling of precise timing and efficiency. My favorite time saving measure was the traffic lights, they turn yellow before green so that there is no reason to delay off the line. This is important because many of the lights were on 20-30 second intervals. Zurich felt more like an American city than any we have visited thus far. It was a real contrast to other places like Bologna or even Lugano. Although we didn't use it, the city seems to have a highly developed public transportation system. Overall, there were some pretty interesting moments in the city. Many different architectural styles were present. I noticed even the orderly Swiss school of Architecture we visited was messy in the studio. It kind of sealed once and for all that there is something seriously wrong with our studio's relative sterility. Finally, I saw my first Corbusier project. Unfortunately, I was unable to go inside.


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