Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This morning we took a trip to the beautiful city Milano. It was an exceptional day trip, the weather was great, maybe the hottest day this far at about 80°. We arrived a little before 10am and awaited our guest Robert Di Georgio. He was to show us around the mile long Fiero Milano Convention Center. Security was tight, basically no entrance without a special permit or badge. 

The place was incredible, it had everything from restaurants to banks and clothing stores. Garrett translated Roberto's words, he described the quick building process and materials that were used. We learned about the water catchment system and what is the center's primary functions during hours of operation. 

After our Fiero Milano tour we headed to the previous site of the convention center. There we saw the great works of two architects, Isozaki and Zaha Hadeed. The development is carried out by City Life SpA. Construction started in 2011 and it is set to open in 2014. City Life will span over 106 acres, and will include both commercial and residential along with park space and a museum. 

It was a privilege seeing the raw materials of what would soon be the new homes to many offices as well as residents. These skyscrapers were coming to life as the men and women worked together to complete their ideas of what was once on paper to bring it to life in reality. 

Last on the itinerary was to see the Gothic Cathedral, the Duomo of Milano. It was massive! The fifth largest Cathedral in the world to be exact. The place was exquisite, filled with detail from top to bottom. Sculptures and artwork from one end to another! 

After leaving the Duomo we even had some time to explore the city on our own. Claudia and I grabbed a bit to eat, watched some street performers in meditation and even did a little shopping! Successful day in Milano followed by a barbecue with our roomies. 

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