Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Day Abroad

This day in Switzerland we awoke to rain. Fortunately, it cleared up. We began our day by visiting and critiquing the parking structures and public spaces attached to them here in Vico Morcote. After that we visited the School of architecture in Mendrisio. They have an incredible focus on context at the school. However, I was surprised that they did virtually no rendering and even fewer graphics. The boards were line drawings only with one model picture / photo montage. Only the most minimal labels, if any at all. The school itself had an incredible energy though. It was messy where it should be and immaculate where it needed to be. Also, the school had many amenities I could have only dreamed of at UNM, A cafe/bar for one, a separate building for administrators for another and even a Zumthor building. Finally, we returned to the villa for dinner which was amazing as usual.

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