Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Terragni Day in Como

One of Garrett's colleagues, Michael, spent time with us today and gave us a mini tour of the Italian town of Como.  Michael is an architect and an American who has lived in Italy since the 1970s or so.  Most of the tour consisted of Guiseppe Terragni's work, but Michael also include historical information about Como and Italy, a brief introduction to the architect Antonio Sant'Elia and also stressed the importance of materials, especially with architecture.

Above: Michael showing us around one of the oldest churches in Como.  This basilica was built in 1193 and most of its original structure is still intact.

Above:  Michael showing us one of the plans of the Asilo D'Infanzia Sant'Elia building by Guiseppe Terragni.  After introducing the building, Michael was able to give us a tour of the interior of the building (below).

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